Hunter: The Vigil - Rebirth in Richmond

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Sessions 1 and 2
New sessions

2 weeks laying low and recovering
Emails from Network Zero have stopped
Local Network Zero office attacked, Hunters discouraged from pursuing
Go to meet with James, already dead
Find a gift box addressed to SAM N, weapons and tools for everyone
Key inside leads to a self-storage United Stor-All
-Fight with a cop and 2 dogs
Take security footage and view it
Note on cop leads to HR Fields and his family, Hunters do research
Meeting with Andy
Charles Fields, son of Harold, is working with the Union helping them to take the family down
Reginald J Field’s spirit still following and protecting the family
Jerry is dead, killed by spirit most likely
Referred to Mary to learn more
Pick up some ammo and a laser sight in the meantime
Call Mary, schedule a meeting, learn more about Fields family
Go to visit Mary, was under attack. Saved her
Andy and Casey show up to help interrogate, end up killing the attacker
Hunters officially invited to the local Union
Mark, another Union member, cleans up Marys house and stays with her at Andys place to take care
Andy, Casey, and the Hunters head off after Bannon
Sneak in, kill Bannon, Aggie almost died


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